Value through Innovation21 May 2016

Breathe freely and deeply again

  • Helps restore normal funtion

    Mucosolvan® gets to work right away to help you break free from cough. It eases the irritation in the airways and dissolves the sticky phlegm in the bronchi that causes coughs. Mucosolvan® works in a unique way to stimulate surfactant, which helps lubricate the airways. It enables you to breathe freely and deeply again, so you can get on with your day.

  • Product range

    Mucosolvan® syrup is alcohol-free and suitable for diabetics. One dose contains 30mg Ambroxol. For adults, one teaspoon (5ml) of Mucosolvan® syrup is recommended three times a day. Children between the ages of six and twelve can take half a teaspoon (2.5ml), two to three times a day, while children between the ages of two and five should take a quarter teaspoon (1.25ml) three times a day.

    Mucosolvan® Tablets' convenient dosing and size are suitable for people who want to take along their medication to work or when travelling. Tablets are recommended for adults (above the age of twelve) in a dosage of one tablet, three times daily.

    Thanks to the sustained release formulation, only one capsule has to be taken a day; this makes Mucosolvan® One-A-Day Capsules ideal for long-term usage. Each capsule is recommended for adults (above the age of twelve), once per day.

  • Availability


    Mucosolvan® is available in tablet and syrup form across twelve countries in the region. In Lebanon and Jordan, the product is also available in a 24-hour (long-acting) capsule form.

    For more information, visit the Mucosolvan® website


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