Value through Innovation21 May 2016

Pharmaton® enhances your physycal and mental well-being


  • Tailored therapy

    Pharmaton® is a multivitamin and mineral supplement brand developed to enhance physical and mental well-being. A full range of products adapted to the needs of different target audiences has been developed.

  • Product range

    Pharmaton® Capsules/ Geriatric Pharmaton are a range of products for adults, containing a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and the standardised Ginseng G115 extract. The main target indications are: exhaustion, tiredness, decreasing concentration and mental alertness. Numerous clinical studies showed that regular intake of Pharmaton® has a positive effect on mental and physical performance. The recommended daily dosage is one capsule taken with food, preferably at breakfast. Pharmaton® capsules are suitable for diabetic and hypertensive patients.

    Pharmaton® Kiddi®, a range of products designed for children, contains carefully selected vitamins, minerals and key nutrients that are very important for growth. It is especially recommended as preventive treatment for vitamin deficiencies.
    It has a pleasant flavour, and is in syrup form to make it an easy at-home option for kids.

  • Availability


    Pharmaton® capsules are the leading multivitamins in the Middle East and North Africa region (IMS MIDAS 2011).

    The products are available in two formulations (Geriatric Pharmaton and Pharmaton capsules) both are for adults. It is available across the region:

    KSA Pharmaton capsules (30) Pharmaton Kiddi
    Gulf ( UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain) Pharmaton capsules 30’s 100 Pharmaton Kiddi
    Lebanon Geriatric Pharmaton 30’s 100’s Pharmaton Kiddi
    Jordan Pharmaton capsules (30) Pharmaton Kiddi
    Iran Geriatric Pharmaton 30’s 100’s Pharmaton Kiddi
    Pakistan Geriatric Pharmaton 30’s 100’s  
    Yemen , Iraq Pharmaton capsules 30’s Pharmaton Kiddi
    Egypt (Locally manufactured) Geriatric Pharmaton 20’s Pharmaton kiddi
    Libya Pharmaton capsules 30’s Pharmaton kiddi


    For more information, visit the Pharmaton® website


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